Songwriting started as a form of therapy for Nielsen, turning his own trauma into stories as a distraction from ongoing problems in his home life as a young teenager. He was already an accomplished guitarist when he shut the door and drowned out the noise of shouting with a guitar and his own voice, which was yet to be heard. Since then he has written and recorded dozens of songs, honing his craft and in the process discovering an abundance of great artists. He may write acoustic pop songs, but at heart he is a funk and soul fanatic, who idolises the likes of George Benson, Smokey Robinson and James Brown. In recent times Nielsen has become a fan of John Mayer. Especially the early record ‘Inside Wants Out’, making a connection to Mayer’s honesty and melodic creativity.


Nielsen writes songs about topics others shy away from discussing. Some song topics he covers include emotional wellbeing, broken family bonds and absence of relationships. Despite covering some taboo topics, the music is very much summery, vibrant and tuneful. He does also write happy songs too!


Aged 17 Nielsen decided to drop out of music college, swapping the south coast for the jubilee line. A stranger to the city, he soon found his feet on the London music scene, playing nightly in and around the capital. At the end of a one year artist development course at The British Academy of New Music, he was chosen to play a slot at the renowned Latitude Festival in Suffolk. Later that year he recorded his first official EP, before setting off to promote the new music, playing an exhausting 31 gigs in 10 days. He played at venues such as coffee shops in the morning, to student unions by evening. In this period his music was recognised by BBC Introducing receiving airplay on two of his songs.


Escaping his past, Nielsen branched out and wrote songs about things every teenager experiences. However, he has never shied away from honesty and is not afraid to tackle personal topics. His second EP ‘Cheer Up’, is a prime example of this. He wrote ‘Cheer Up’ during a period when he moved away from home and was kindly offered a sofa to stay on in Turnham Green. Ironically, he survived off coffee shop vouchers he had previously been given whilst touring his first EP.


The second single from the EP, ‘Five Senses’, was played on Tom Robinson’s BBC Radio 6 show. 


“A hotly tipped young Londoner with a knack for ear worm pop melodies and literate, memorable lyrics” - Tom Robinson BBC Radio 6


In late Summer 2018, Nielsen recorded a live version of the title track off his second EP ‘Cheer Up’ in a south London underpass. The video caught the attention of award nominated producer Matthew Parisi, who was Mike Stock’s principle sound engineer for over four years. Parisi has worked with the likes of Chris Martin and Kylie Minogue. He is also credited on records alongside Grammy award winning mixing and mastering engineers. In recent years Parisi has made records that have charted across the globe. The two have been working together over the last year.

The start of 2019 saw Nielsen’s music broadcast on BBC Introducing in London multiple times by Gary Crowley, who compared his music to a fictional collaboration between George Michael, John Mayer and Prince. The start of April saw his debut performance at The Bedford in Balham, which is recognised as a legendary venue for up and coming artists, with an incredible history of performers.


In June 2019 Nielsen released a new single titled ‘Milk Train’. The song was featured on BIMM founder, Damian Keyes, Youtube channel. The video has been watched over 55,000 times. During the release period he played a live session for BBC Essex, as well as other local radio stations including Phoenix FM and Riverside Radio.


His latest single, ‘Either Side of the Globe’, is set to be released on August 23rd 2019. During August he is expected to perform live sessions for both BBC Sussex and BBC Cambridge.